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The Innovative Solution

The newest and most advanced ad-tech platform in the industry, Tylie Tandem is a uniquely flexible cross-screen order management system and fully-scalable digital asset management (DAM) solution.

Flexible and intuitive, Tylie Tandem offers a more streamlined way of working, acting as a central hub for multi-screen asset management, ad delivery and post production. Tylie Tandem’s advanced OLV file rendition functionality empowers users to create accurate file renditions in seconds. Flexible file naming drives asset organization and improves performance measurement.

Whether users are trafficking a global linear campaign, executing a digital campaign, overseeing post production needs or managing a legion of assets, Tylie Tandem gets the job done.

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Tylie Tandem Collaboration Digital Asset Management Platform


Multi-platform campaign execution is a complex, time sensitive process that lacks standardization and results in a rushed and stressful experience. And too often, new ad-tech tools only further complicate this already painstaking endeavor. But Tylie Tandem is different.

That’s because at Tylie, the aim of our service-first mindset is to make our partners’ lives easier. And our software solutions are an extension of this attitude. Whether your workflow is entirely in-house or you collaborate with a host of outside agencies and vendors; whether you’re comfortable with self-use or you prefer the assurance provided by our expert Client Experience Team; whether you need to launch a linear broadcast, online only, or multi-platform campaign, we’ve got you covered.

The Integrated Solution

In this fragmented landscape, we understand that different players have different needs. Tylie Tandem works with you on your terms. It is agile and robust, built to accommodate existing processes and personnel, and to integrate with other industry-best platforms and partners.

Whether you need us to connect with your preferred Talent Rights partner to pull in expiration data; whether you’re looking to connect several DAM systems through a central hub; whether you’re in need of a complete solution across post production, ad delivery and asset management, Tylie Tandem is here to help simplify your world.

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Reporting & Data Analytics

We live in a data driven world. That’s why we built a robust set of reporting capabilities into Tylie Tandem that are designed to provide advertisers with insight and transparency into their current efforts while also leveraging historical data for reference.

Data fidelity is ensured with our flexible file naming and customizable metadata fields. And with Tylie’s hands-on approach and in-house development capabilities, we are able to develop custom reporting based on your specific needs.

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