DVS (Descriptive Video Service)

DVS (Descriptive Video Service) is similar to Closed Captioning, but for the visually impaired. Instead of text transcriptions, narration describes the action on screen when there is no voiceover, enabling the visually impaired to “see” the content in their mind’s eye.

Why DVS is Right for You

  • Get your message to an audience your competitors are missing.
  • Your creative tells a story, make sure everyone hears it.
  • Uphold your brand’s accessibility commitment by supporting a commonly ignored audience.
  • Drive sales by generating goodwill toward your brand and broadening your reach.

Tylie Expertise

Tylie Leads the Way Tylie was the first to create descriptive video ads.

It’s Personal Supporting the visually impaired audience is personal. Our President’s husband is visually impaired. In fact, he is a certified Descriptive Video Quality Assurance Specialist and is part of the development and quality control process for every DVS spot we create.

Leading Brands Use Tylie DVS

  • P&G
  • Wells Fargo
  • Subaru


Number of Americans who suffer from vision loss


Percent of US population who suffers from vision loss


Visually impaired veterans

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