A message from Tylie in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. (Read More)

A message from Tylie in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. (Read More)

As the entire global community continues to take measures to limit the spread of COVID-19, we want to assure you that our industry-best service will continue uninterrupted. In the event of widespread community transfer, our detailed Business Contingency plan will ensure that our systems continue to function optimally. Our organization is designed to facilitate efficient remote access, and Team Tylie will remain online and on call. Wishing you safety and health.

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Tylie Consulting for Media Buying Agencies

Overseeing ad buying and campaign management across linear and digital is a tall order. But when you add complex cross-team collaboration to the mix, things can become overwhelming. Our in-depth industry and process knowledge makes us uniquely positioned to help Media Buying Agencies establish best practices to ensure healthy collaboration between internal and external teams while simultaneously driving optimization.

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Liaison Services

As clients expand and reorganize their own internal teams, best-practice protocols for communication and collaboration can be difficult to establish. As a vendor, we’re in a unique position to provide a neutral perspective about what is and isn’t working. We’re here to ensure that your client collaborations are productive.

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Best Practices Audit

Establishing optimized workflow protocols is essential. Beyond saving both time and money, true process optimization means better collaboration between you and your clients or partners. Let us help your organization avoid costly errors and any potential conflict with external partners over whose way is best. After our initial analysis, we stay invested to ensure adoption and ongoing monitoring to ensure effectiveness.

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True Accountability

With so many moving parts and involved parties, it can be hard to maintain a clear sense of accountability. While we never aim to step on toes, decades of experience have taught us that a failure of accountability translates to lackluster results. We can help clarify roles and processes, and to directly take on as few or as many responsibilities as you may require.

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OLV Management

In addition to our signature broadcast delivery management service, Tylie Ad Solutions is fully-enabled to meet all of your Online Video (OLV) transcoding and delivery needs. Let us show you how the intersection of custom automations and first-in-class service translates to cost savings, decreased turnaround time, and quality assurance.

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If I haven’t told you before… you guys are amazing! I truly appreciate the seamlessness between the LA and the NY team. No one is ever MIA leaving us hanging. Thank you ❤ – Chimére R. Soltis, RPA

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Thank You Dream Team!!!! I really appreciate your extremely quick turnaround and fixes to get the files delivered in time for us to hit our air dates. – Jim A., Nestlé Purina

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