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Our latest strategic alliance, an integration with The TEAM Companies, offers Tylie Tandem users real-time talent rights information.

Tylie Ad Solutions Strikes Strategic Alliance with The TEAM Companies Upgraded DAM Platform Tylie Tandem Now Integrates Real-Time Talent Rights

BURBANK, Calif., May 31, 2022 – Leading ad tech service provider Tylie Ad Solutions and The TEAM Companies today announced a strategic alliance to provide media companies and agencies with real-time talent rights information within the Tylie Tandem digital asset management (DAM) platform.

The alliance empowers Tylie Tandem users to deliver campaign assets more effectively and easily by identifying current music, talent and element rights from directly within the cross-screen management platform with fewer keystrokes, saving time and minimizing the chance of user errors due to expired assets. Clients that don’t currently work with Tylie will also have an opportunity to explore the intuitive and agnostic Tylie Tandem, a collaborative system that offers easy integration.

While the ad-tech industry continues to consolidate, eliminating choices, Tylie continues to offer flexible solutions that meet clients’ unique needs.

“This alliance empowers our clients by giving them a smarter, faster way to work by granting them the flexibility and freedom to work seamlessly within the Tylie Tandem DAM platform,” said President of Tylie, Sheri Lawrence. “Linking client’s assets and talent right information together within one platform increases efficiency and boosts user confidence that broadcast and digital campaign assets have current Talent Rights status. With many more integrations in the works, this is just the first step in continuing to honor our core principle of offering solutions that truly serve and empower our clients.”

Tylie Tandem Talent Rights Management screenshot

About Tylie Tandem

The newest and most advanced ad-tech platform in the industry, Tylie Tandem is a uniquely flexible cross-screen management system and fully-scalable data asset management (DAM) solution. Flexible and intuitive, Tylie Tandem offers a more streamlined way of working, acting as a central hub for multi-screen asset management, ad delivery and post production. Tylie Tandem’s advanced OLV file rendition functionality empowers users to create accurate file renditions in seconds. Flexible file naming drives asset organization and improves performance measurement. Whether users are trafficking a global linear campaign, executing a digital campaign, overseeing post production needs or managing a legion of assets, Tylie Tandem gets the job done.



About Tylie Ad Solutions

Tylie partners with brands and their agencies to target and deliver advertising efficiently and accurately, saving time, resources and budget. Its newest-to-market offering, Tylie Tandem, is the most advanced cross-screen order management system and digital asset management (DAM) solution on the market. With one-of-a-kind features including OLV file rendition automations and in-platform post production tracking and ordering, Tyle Tandem offers cutting-edge solutions that drive savings and efficiency. Pioneers of accessibility services including Descriptive Video Services (DVS), Tylie has proudly challenged the status quo since it was founded in 1971 as one of the first woman-owned businesses in the industry. Clients include Airbnb, Meta, Honda, Anthem and Wells Fargo among others. The company’s half-century of success is a direct result of the company’s core principle: the client comes first. To learn more, follow Tylie on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.


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