Tylie Tandem is on the Horizon

Same first-in-class service, new look and feel

Tylie does software differently. In a world oversaturated with technological offerings, we believe software should service people, not the other way around.

That’s why Tylie Tandem was designed under the guidance of our expert Client Experience Team, professionals on the front line of ad delivery, who understand advertiser and agency needs and appreciate the importance of seamless workflows.

Whether your internal teams are direct users or prefer the full service treatment we’ve always been known for, Tylie Tandem affords an experience that’s customized to your needs.

In-House Agencies Need Partners Not Vendors

You’ve gone in-house. So what now? How do you ensure you’re properly handling your assets, communication, and marketing spend? Team Tylie has the answers.

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What’s In A Rate?

When comparing delivery partners, it’s a mistake to focus solely on ad delivery rate. In reality, the low per-delivery price is often followed by a slew of up-charges or a bait-and-switch.

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Descriptive Video Service

Our signature Quality Assured Descriptive Video Services (DVS) help advertisers include the 30+ million visually impaired U.S. consumers in their brands’ messaging, maximizing reach and showing due consideration to the needs of those with low and no vision.

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