In-House Agencies Need Partners Not Vendors

Going In-House Doesn’t Mean You’re On Your Own

Whether starting or expanding your in-house agency, rest assured, you are not alone. In fact, in the past decade, going in-house has become the status quo. According to a recent survey, the percentage of Association of National Advertisers members who reported having some form of in-house agency has doubled from roughly 40% in 2008 to almost 80% in 2018.

There are myriad motivations to go in-house. Maybe you felt that those within your business understand your brand better and have more vested interest in its success. Maybe outsourcing everything to your external agency partner was proving too costly. Or maybe you grew tired of the lack of transparency from your vendors and agency partners.

Regardless of the reason you’ve gone in-house, you’re now facing a gargantuan task for which there is no clear playbook. Agencies aren’t going to just tell you how the sausage is made. And what’s more, their ‘how’ is a process that might not be right for the unique needs of your brand.

But you know this for certain: you want to focus your spending on locking down the very best creative you can. That’s essential — because there is great control gained by going in-house. But the ability to steer the way your brand tells its stories is meaningless if the stories aren’t compelling. If they aren’t told in innovative and engaging ways.


So, you’ve taken control of your own destiny. And you’ve managed to hire some very talented creatives who are getting your messaging on the right track. The next hurdle to overcome is the organizational component of running your in-house agency.

The task of building a cohesive internal organization structure can prove tricky. First, there’s asset management. You’re facing a seemingly endless stream of assets in various versions, files, and formats. Many which were generated off-site and live in various different places at once.

These assets require an organizational system. A storage framework that ensures you know where everything is – and that you can easily access it. And the sooner you create a viable solution the better. Because sloppy protocol will quickly spiral out of control and come back to bite you. There’s nothing more frustrating than facing a deadline and being unable to find what you’re looking for.


Communication is another important but troublesome component of running an effective in-house agency. Your internal creative team is likely stretched across various departments. In many cases, these departments report to different managers. This makes sharing assets and information across departments another precarious task.

Developing communication best practices is key to avoiding mistakes and to generating the best work possible. But these practices won’t just fall into place on their own. You need to have both a solid plan and a clear path to make the plan a reality.

And that’s not to mention external communication. No doubt, you will still have certain services that require agency partnerships. And it’s on you and your team to act as the ‘Brand Stewards,’ communicating and enforcing brand strategy and standards. So your in-house departments need to not only talk clearly and efficiently with one another but also with your agency partners and other external partners, too.

And not just any hire can carry out this communication. You’ll need experienced team members who are intimately familiar with Business Affairs and Traffic. These are critical roles but are also costly hires.

Regardless of the reason you’ve gone in-house, you’re now facing a gargantuan task for which there is no clear playbook. We can help.


A final task that is supremely important but often underserved is analyzing your non-media marketing spend. Proper analysis is essential to ensuring that your in-house agency is in fact operating in a way that’s more cost efficient than going out-of-house. You must have a clear overview of your distribution versus creative spends as well as the ratio of internal versus vendor costs.

If all this sounds overwhelming, we get it! At Tylie, we know how hard it is to navigate the complex world of ad generation and distribution. And how important it is for your team to be able to show that no matter what gets thrown your way, you can handle it.

Team Tylie has decades of experience with non-media Marketing Spends, inter-departmental communication, Traffic, and Business Affairs. And we’re here to lend an extra hand when your workload becomes overwhelming.


Our history and experience have put us in the unique position of being in ‘the eye of the storm’ in terms of logistics. With our Communication Core Management Service, Team Tylie will partner with your in-house agency manage all Advertiser partners, your content, data, and overall needs.

Tylie will help you establish your communication channels, organize your asset management, and consult you as you analyze your spend. So you can rest assured that you know what’s going on both inside and outside of your in-house agency at all times.


Contact us now at or (818) 955 7600 to learn more about our Communication Core Management Service. We’re confident we can save you time and money. It’s what we’ve been doing for 50 years – helping our clients do what they do, better.

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