So WTF is The Cloud, really?

Redundant Back-ups Provide Peace of Mind but Security is Another Question

It has gone from nebulous metaphor to quintessential sales jargon buzzword. Want to be high tech? On the cutting edge? Hip and happening? The Cloud is the solution to all your woes. But while the idea of your files living up in the sky, ever-available in a fluffy ether, is a nice notion, the reality is a bit less supernatural. In simplest terms, the cloud is a metaphor for software and services that run on remote servers, instead of locally on your computer.

So, despite its vaporous monicker, The Cloud is comprised of physical infrastructure. Your files and programs are living someplace terrestrial. In fact, a lot of places. For example, when you back up a file to iCloud or Google Drive, you are making copies of that file. And the copies of that file now live on several servers in various locations. This redundancy is designed to prevent loss in instance of server failure. But it also creates multiple points of possible data exposure. These points demand great trust in the corporations controlling the servers – both in their security protocols and in their truly deleting all the copies of your files at your request.

At Tylie, not only do we go to great lengths to ensure your media is safe, we pride ourselves on transparency.

As with so many modern conveniences, ease of use threatens to relieve us of necessary vigilance. The convenience trumps the risk. So long as we can access our emails on our phones or stream shows on our laptop, we aren’t very concerned with where our data goes, how it gets there, or how it is handled and protected along the way. That’s why it’s essential for companies to adhere to strict security policies as they migrate file storage and essential software to the cloud.

At Tylie, not only do we go to great lengths to ensure your media is safe, we pride ourselves on transparency. We want you to understand how your media is being handled. We don’t want to confuse you into trusting us. We want to earn your trust by providing clarity and doing what’s best for you and your needs. Cutting edge, without cutting corners.

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